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Feature Friday: Flamingo Zamperoni- Memories

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Memories is not your typical chill-out song. For one, it features an instrument called the Pipa, a traditional Chinese instrument that gives this track a beautiful shimmer on top of the laid-back, lo-fi hip-hop vibe that the drums would suggest. With over 50k monthly listeners on Spotify, he isn't exactly an unknown, but he has a while to go before becoming a household name. Run on over to his Spotify profile to get an idea of everything else he's producing. It's worthwhile. Flamingo Zamperonia was created as an Alter-Ego of Bensnburner, Producer/Bass-Player & founder of "bensnburner records".

Under the pen name Flamingo Zamperonia, he now can finally satisfy his passion for juicy basslines and dusty beats. As a bass player, the focus of his work lies on the low frequencies and the little stories between the notes. Listen close to experience carefully chosen samples, laid back drums, blurry keys, and deep, organic basslines.

Be sure to follow Flamingo to get a fresh beat every second week delivered to your release radar. Listen Here

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