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Alex Kislov's "Blue Line" Represents Chicago's Underground

In a tribute to his own time taking the Chicago Blue Line, Alex Kislov has created an entrancing and driving soundtrack to his own experience in the city most known for it's soulful musical history.

The journey for the listener starts with a simplistic yet complimentary contrast between a female ethereal vocal and hard hitting kick, that quickly transitions into a richer male vocal, never forming lyrics, but finding a certain attachment for the listener. An easy listen for an instrumental-ish house track, Blue Line has definitely earned a place on our own end of summer playlists here at HMP Records. American grown, Israeli made. Young Chicago producer Alex Kislov has been paving his way in the electronic scene since his early teens as a House and Dance DJ. Emerging through the underground Chicago Dance scene, Kislov went on to releasing his first single in 2017 and has since released multiple tracks... Listen to Alex on Spotify

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