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Interview Series: Markk

Markk to Release New Single, 'Caballero'

New Release Comes on July 29th

Today, Markk joins us at HMP Records to talk about his new single, Caballero.

--Hey Faith, welcome to HMP Records! How have you been?

Hello and thank you for including me in your releases.

--Can you talk to us more about your latest single "Caballero"?

This my latest single was born from the desire to release a song that could reflect the summer sounds. So I decided to make it very Latin without ever going out of my style which is the Tech House.

--Did any event or experience in particular inspire you when

producing this track?

I got inspiration from the various productions that have recently come out on the digital market and I have noticed that the greatest producers tend to use a fresher, Latin style without ever straying from what it represents.

--Who are some of your musical influences?

I am very inspired by the great masters of House music such as David Morales, Louie Vega, Bob Sinclair, Franky Rizardo and also getting involved in a more NuDisco style like that of Purple Disco Machine. I listen to all genres of music, I love music at 360 degrees because it helps me to face all the various moods that invade my life --How was the creation process for you? Any roadblocks?

Well let's say that the production was very easy because when you have the right inspiration everything is simplified.

--What’s your favorite part about being a musician?

The part I love most about being an artist is when I see the audience in front of me enjoying my set and also when they like and dance to your production.

--Who is somebody you always wanted to work with (living or deceased)?

My dream one day is to be able to collaborate with Bob Sinclair because he is a 360 degrees artist, humble that people like. I would have liked to know and collaborate with the great Frankie Knuckles who was a bit of the godfather of house music.

--To date, what's your most memorable music moment?

The highlight of my musical career was when I first played in front of 4000 people and everyone enjoyed and enjoyed my music.

--What does the immediate future hold for you in your artistic career?"

I can be satisfied as I am starting to tour Europe thanks to my previous productions and my management. And I hope soon to be able to reach the rest of the world as well.

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