Interview Series: Shaping

Updated: Jul 19

Shaping to Release New Single Ye Yeh

New Release Comes on June 10th

Today, Shaping joins us at HMP Records to talk about his new single, Ye Yeh.

- Hey Shaping, welcome to HMP Records! How have you been?

Hey thank you! I have been well, keeping busy making and enjoying music

- Can you talk to us more about your latest single "Ye Yah"?

Yes. I wanted to produce a cool danceable house track with an old school vibe.

It began with the bassline and once I had that in place I felt the vocals added life to the track. I was aiming for something that would be at home in the club but also listenable at home. I think I achieved that.

- Did any event or experience in particular inspire you when producing this track?

I started DJing back in the late 80s/early 90s, right at the start of house music! After producing more modern sounding tracks recently I took a break and began listening to some of the old classic house tracks from back in the day. That inspired me to produce a track with the same vibe.

- Who are some of your musical influences?

Early influences were artists like William Orbit, Todd Terry and Inner City

Current artists include Einmusik and Jonas Saalbach

- How was the creation process for you? Any roadblocks?

The main bassline vocals and keys actually came together really quickly but then ended up kicking around for ages while I worked out where to take it.

The actual song structure then fell in to place one night.

- What’s your favorite part about being a musician?

It has to be knowing that other people are listening to and enjoying something that I have created. You can’t beat that feeling!

- To date, what's your most memorable music moment?

The release of my first track on a label, “Primary Network”. It was the culmination of years of work

- What does the immediate future hold for you in your artistic career?

I’m getting back to my house roots and that is the path I will be following in 2022.

I have more tracks in the pipeline and I am feeling inspired. Watch this space!!

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