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Purple Nuages Interviews with HMP Records

The California Almond (Purple Nuages Remix) is Out Now.

Hey! Welcome to HMP Records! How have you been? Hi! I'm very good, excited to be here Can you talk to us more about your process for remixing "The California Almond"?

Sure. It was a somewhat complicated process, especially because I had many ideas and it was difficult to establish an idea to get the mood I was looking for. I think the process was in the style of "what do I want to sound in this part of the song", recreating that sound that I was looking for with my mouth and then trying to replicate it in the sound design or with a synthesizer. Although from the beginning I always wanted to give it a "funk" style and trying to do it with a little power without being somewhat aggressive. Listen to "THE CALIFORNIA ALMOND (PURPLE NUAGES REMIX)

Did any sounds in particular inside the original track inspire you to decide to remix this song? Definitely the trumpets. When I heard the original song for the first time it was obvious that without the trumpets it would not be the same mood as the one it has. And I definitely couldn't remove them from my remix because they are practically the key element for the mood I was looking for.

Who are some of your musical influences?

It's funny because I usually listen to different music than the one I usually produce hahaha, especially I listen to hip-hop / trap and R&B, artists like Drake, Post Malone, Khalid, but maybe the one I like the most is Childish Gambino. But I also listen to electronic music, and the one I've been following his way of producing lately, which I really like, is Rome In Silver.

How was the creation process for you?

Basically it is to come up with an idea of what I want to do. In this remix I was looking for something "fresh" without taking away the mood that the original song conveyed. I already mentioned how the remix process was a bit, but this is the way I like to work, that although it is not the best, I feel that it helps me to have some little more defined ideas when working on a new song.

How have the experiences in the past year influenced you and your music?

Last year was very helpful for me and to improve my musical production, because even though it was a bad year in many aspects, in terms of my production I feel that I made a noticeable improvement. And it also helped me define what style of music I want to do because I have had other musical projects but none of them finished liking me, until just this year I decided to start with 'purple nuages' and making the remix of The California Almond helped me to establish a little more ideas that I have for this project.

What else is happening next in your world?

I have to admit that receiving the news that my remix had been winning excited me a lot hahaha and it also motivated me a lot to continue with 'purple nuages' because it is a new project that I have and that I would like to continue with it because I have high expectations of this! (:

What does the future hold for you, both in the immediate short term, and over the next year or so?

As I said before, 'purple nuages' is a new project, but I already have some finished songs ready to be released, however I am lengthening the process of this official purple nuages release a bit because I also have other projects, both personal and from the school, which I have to attend, but I am very excited that this year I could officially release a song! It is a project that I am very pleased about and that I hope that next year I will continue with 'purple nuages'. 💜💜☁

Where can we check out what you're up to and more of your music?

At the moment I only have an account on Audius and Twitter as @purple_nuages, and on Instagram I appear as @purplenuages. I will be uploading the process I make of this project! Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of this and how glad you liked my remix! -purple nuages

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