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Jackson Swaby Interviews with HMP Records

The California Almond (Jackson Swaby Remix) is Out Now.

Hey! Welcome to HMP Records! How have you been?

Hey Matt, I’ve been doing great thank you!

Can you talk to us more about your process for remixing "The California Almond"?

Dive through the stems looking for groove elements, hook, and any sound chops. I wrote a few basslines on the guitar, working to keep a more organic sound to go with the original stems. But it wasn’t until I experimented with the synth bass that I found the style of the remix. I worked everything around that. Listen to "THE CALIFORNIA ALMOND (JACKSON SWABY REMIX)

Did any sounds in particular inside the original track inspire you to decide to remix this song?

The vocal sounds and the brass, although I didn’t end up using a lot of it. I also got a vibe of “Klangkarussell - Sonnentanz” which always brings back good memories. That was going to be my starting point.

Who are some of your musical influences?

A lot of different artists across a lot of genres. A track I come back to a lot since it came out - “Mendo - Magic (Secondcity Remix)” that track came to mind again while I was making this remix.

How was the creation process for you?

Fun! I always see remixes as a creative problem to solve, it’s how much do I add of myself whilst also being true to the original.

How have the experiences in the past year influenced you and your music?

I missed making music with people actually in the same room. Not seeing live music or playing live. I still saw my family and friends in outside spaces when we were allowed.

It hasn’t altered the way in which I approach music, I’m at a point where it comes from within me, no matter where I am. Once you can dive within you can respond or evoke.

What else is happening next in your world?

Final touches to some major painting works, sound design for a commercial project and I’m just going through the final mastering stages and cover design for a collaborative EP with Sofia Ferdaous - which I’m really excited for, it feels like a pivotal project.

What does the future hold for you, both in the immediate short term and over the next year or so?

Carry on carrying on. Take time to appreciate the Summer.

Where can we check out what you're up to and more of your music?

Any of my works - Music, Paintings, Design, Fashion can be seen on my website - - there are links to everything on there.

If you would like that content and see me throw a frisbee every now and then, my instagram is @jacksonswaby

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