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Intro to Music Theory Sells World's First "NFT-Shirt" in Partnership with

... "And in a very surprising finale, our featured musicians, IMT, in partnership with NftyThings, sold their first-ever NFT-shirt for 2.5 ETH, making it one of the top 15 most expensive T-Shirts ever sold! This shirt, linking the physical to the digital with microchips, is embedded with not only the Charged Particles Music NFT and the IPFS hash data, but also has the capacity to live-stream the album from Audius … directly from the shirt. It doesn’t get much more cypherpunk than that — and there are still five left here." ... Continue Reading Here You can find our more about Charged Particles here:

You can join the Token Smart Community by joining the discord here: You can check out NftyThings at:

You can follow Intro to Music Theory by finding them on Instagram and Twitter @IntroToMusicTheory, or joining their discord here:

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