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Intro to Music Theory Sells Out at Charged Particles Launch

This past Thursday, Intro to Music Theory completely sold out of their Toot the Bad Horn Deluxe EP, featuring unreleased tracks and one-off videos created specifically for the launch of the Charged Particles protocol on the Ethereum blockchain. The NFTs, minted through the launch event through TokenSmart, and in collaboration with crypto-centric artists across the world were all sold in less than an hour, selling for anywhere from .7-1 ETH, or the equivalent of $1400-2000 USD each as of the publishing of this article. The attendees were complimentary of both the opening and closing performance featuring all original music from Intro to Music Theory, with Community Manager Mango of Charged Particles saying, "Music in the crypto space is really just getting started, and to see some of my best friends on stage performing for more than 1800 people - one of the largest metaverse performances to date ... what an honor and a joy." The only piece in the collection that is still available is the distribution rights to the four unreleased tracks and videos featured in the sold-out deluxe NFTs. You can find our more about Charged Particles here:

You can join the Token Smart Community by joining the discord here:

You can follow Intro to Music Theory by finding them on Instagram @IntroToMusicTheory, or joining their discord here:

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