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Interview Series: Faith (CZ)

Faith (CZ) to Release New Single, 'If U Wanna Get"

New Release Comes on July 15th

Today, Faith (CZ) joins us at HMP Records to talk about his new single, If U Wanna Get.

--Hey Faith, welcome to HMP Records! How have you been?

Hi, I feel great because HMP records is releasing my new track!

--Can you talk to us more about your latest single "If U Wanna Get"?

I have had this track divided for almost 10 months, I have always returned to it, but he was not completely satisfied with it, the final version did not get the form until March. For me so far, the track on which I sweated the most, and I hope you will like it.

--Did any event or experience in particular inspire you when

producing this track?

I am constantly learning new things and procedures in production and overall mastering. Sometimes I hear a good groove, so I always try to move and enrich my new track somewhere. This time I was impressed by the production and style of the GUZ producer

--Who are some of your musical influences?

I've always liked the 12 "maxi versions of synthpop bands from the 80's - Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode, New Order, Alphaville, etc. --How was the creation process for you? Any roadblocks?

As I wrote, I worked on this track for a very long time, and got several forms during the process. The March visit to London greatly affected it, then the track got its final form.

--What’s your favorite part about being a musician?

I've been working as a DJ for many years, and lately it's great that I can also play my tracks and my remixes.

--Who is somebody you always wanted to work with (living or deceased)?

Shep Pettibone - his remixes are still beautiful

--To date, what's your most memorable music moment?

There would be several, so one of many - prime time on the Zurich Street Parade

--What does the immediate future hold for you in your artistic career?"

Work in the newly opened club in the center of Prague, and the festival season

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