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Altered State — Charged Particles Metaverse Party and Art Drop #3

"Our first two events, THE BIG BANG and ZERO GRAVITY, have been not only great successes for our artists, but tons of fun for everyone involved. We’ve given away more than 100k CHARGE tokens, a LEPTON, seen more than 145 ETH ($275,000+) of sales for featured artists, and witnessed some of the best music any of us had ever heard in the crypto scene. The funk and disco sets by IMT spawned a spontaneous gif-dance party that left everybody wanting more — so this time there will be!..." Continue Reading Here Register for the Event Here You can find our more about Charged Particles here:

You can join the Token Smart Community by joining the discord here: You can check out NftyThings at:

You can follow Intro to Music Theory by finding them on Instagram and Twitter @IntroToMusicTheory, or joining their discord here:

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