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NOA NOA is a musical project formed by BEN, a sound creator and a guitarist. Basing its sound on Brazilian music, NOA NOA explores and speaks in various styles, blending club music, city pop, neo soul, lo-fi hip hop, and free soul into an urban yet tropical sound evoking carefree mellowness.

NOA NOA has released its 1st album “Aisai” from Quattro Label in 2001, followed by a major debut album “NOA NOA” from Columbia Records in 2003. “Somewhere in the Sky,” a track off of the latter tops #2 on monthly top charts on radio stations all across Japan. A year later, third album “Bebe” is released.

While appearing in various events and festivals, including Summer Sonic, NOA NOA has also recorded songs for notable Bossa nova compilation albums, such as “Sister Bossa 5” out from Irma Records in Italy, “Tokyo Bossa Nova” series known for driving the Japanese Bossa boom forward, and a Antonio Carlos Jobim tribute album “Jobiniana,” just to name a few.

In 2007, NOA NOA releases its first self-covered album “Sunshine Holiday” featuring a single vocalist, Chihiro Sings, as opposed to featuring multiple vocalists up until that point, followed by another cover album “Vanilla Flavor” a year later in 2008.

NOA NOA then decides to put its project on hold, and starts a new project “Piece of Peace” to accommodate a slightly different sound suited for Chihiro Sings. In 2011, Piece of Peace releases its first album “pieces,” followed by a second album “About Love” in 2018. They have appeared in multiple events, including “Montreux Jazz Festival in 2019.

In 2020, NOA NOA makes a long-awaited comeback with new songs expected to be released soon.

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