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HMP Records is always interested in having great artists join our family. Please feel free to submit your demo.

Just a few things to note when submitting your demo:

1) We are an electronic music label that leans house-ish . If your music isn't around these genres, please don't submit.

2) If you use samples, please make sure they're cleared and you have a right to use them

3) Don’t send DJ sets, mash-ups, or remixes.

4) We take tracks that are ready and polished. Please do not send us tracks that still need work.

5) Only unreleased tracks, please!

6) Double check the links you are sending to make sure they are correct.

Please be patient, we receive many submissions. No need to email us to follow up!

We will be in touch if your track and demo is right for our label.

Thanks for taking interest in us at HMP Records!

Submit Your Demo Here

Thanks for submitting! We'll be in touch if we're interested in signing your track.

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